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What Is WhatLeaks?

WhatLeaks allows you to check IP leaks when you use a proxy or VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the internet. You can check using WhatLeaks what type of data do you share with other sites when you visit them.

Other than IP address, what info do you leak?

Using WhatLeaks you can see your IP address, country, country code, region, city, latitude, longitude, timezone, ISP (Internet Service Provider), and DNS details of the server your browser makes requests to WhatLeaks with.

WebRTC and Flash request IP addresses outside of your proxy, socks, or VPN connections are the leading cause of IP leaks. In order to check if you are secured from these leaks use WhatLeaks. IP addresses can covers a big amount of area which is can be converted into a measurement of your choice using cm in feet.

If you a use good VPN service to hide your IP address then you are going to see the masked IP and info based on that. If you want us to help you find a good VPN service check out our detailed article on this topic.

What is VPN and Why it is so important?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is essentially an encrypted network with secured encryption to mask your real identity, IP address, and whatever else data you can leak online. This encrypted data is then transferred and shared instead of your real sensitive data when you go to any place on the internet.

Based on Kaspersky data Russia is the most-attacked COUNTRY in the world when it comes to cyberthreats. All of you may not be from Russia but still, there are attacks happening in your country too have a look at this cyberthreats map. This alone shows how much important it is to not wait to be a victim of these cyberthreats and act today. Losing details of your IP address to someone is very scary it’s like watching some horror anime on animekisa

Here at WhatLeaks we also use VPN in order to keep ourselves protected from these cyber threats.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a project developed by Google to stream data and stream audio and video directly without the use of any plugin which allows any WebRTC browser to not just access the network you are using but also detect your public or local IP address. Also, this cannot be improved using any proxy, VPN, or TOR so you need to disable WebRTC manually if you want to be more secure. Read how to disable WebRTC on your device.

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