4 Ways To Hide Your IP Address

Hiding an IP address can be hard these days as it is exposed through various ways while using the internet. Below given are 4 ways to hide your IP.
Keep in mind that all of them come with limitations.

Easiest Way But Unsecured and Slow

hide.me homepage

You can use a site that allows access to a website through proxies. I have tried many sites but the best and free one I found was hide.me
Although this is the easiest way to hide your IP you will still be unsecured and the connection will be slow. If you want to be anonymous one or two times it’s okay to use it but it’s not a permanent solution to hide your IP.
Please note that some of these sites keep a log of user data which they can share with authorities if they want. Recently someone got caught due to that so keep that in mind.

Slowest Way But Free & The Most Secured Too

tor browser logo
One of the best ways to hide your IP without using any other service is using a browser built for anonymity. The browser I am talking about is TOR. It gives you layered security by which I mean your IP is mixed by 6 or more IPs before reaching the designated site. It is also known as Onion Browser due to that.
To start using the TOR browser just download it from here. Install it on your device (not recommended for phones). Open the browser and start browsing you can access the surface web. You can also visit hidden sites ending with .onion using the browser.
While it is the most secure way to use the internet it is slowest too as hopping to different locations takes time.

Fastest Way But Will Cost You Money

VPN illustration


This is the best option if you want to be secure and fast no matter where you are in the world. Also, it works on any device. It is none other than VPN. Yes, although it is the most heard. A VPN is the best option when it comes to hiding your IP address.
You can choose free VPNs and Premium VPNs which we recommend because free ones are very slow and use ads. So, even though that service is not logging your data the ad service will do. Why? because that’s how ads on the internet ads work. Data is used to find the right consumer for the product.
Now comes the question of which premium service should I use?
Well, you can use anyone from the list of Top 10 VPNs. This is a non-affiliate review of the best VPNs you can use to hide your IP.

Longest Way But You Can Hide Your IP For Free

coffee and laptop
If you want to be anonymous why not connect to public wifi. It’s the best option you have no matter how big of a hacker anyone is they can only reveal an IP that is already revealed. I know you might think of it in a stupid way and indeed it is but it works.
At last, I want to say hide your IP I have told you four ways what are you waiting for now.

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